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Summer 2014 Newsletter Highlights:  Vermont Foodbank Summer Newsletter

- Taking Action to End Hunger

- Program Highlight: Volunteer Program

- Hunger Action Month












Spring 2014 Newsletter Highlights:

- Growing Older Shouldn't Mean Going HungrySpring 2014 Vermont Foodbank Newsletter

- It Starts with a Story: Homebound Delivery

- An Aid Program Too Often Neglected, from the New York Times













Winter 2014 Newsletter Highlights:

Vermont Foodbank Winter 2014 Newsletter

- New VT Fresh, a nutrition education program

- Farm Bill includes $9 billion in food stamp cuts

- Partnership highlights: National Life Group and Vermont Youth Conservation Corps













Fall 2013 Newsletter Highlights:

Vermont Foodbank Fall 2013 Newsletter Cover

- Changes in 3SquaresVT

- Philanthropists Keep Head Start Open During Shutdown

- Holiday Season: Cards and Sustainable Giving















Summer 2013 Vermont Foodbank Newsletter  

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