3SquaresVT Challenge

Can you eat well on the average 3SquaresVT benefit of $36 per week?

The purpose of the 3SquaresVT Challenge is to draw attention to the experience of living on a strict food budget and to build awareness of the importance of 3SquaresVT (called SNAP nationally).  

Did you know?


  • 1 in 7 Vermonters struggling with hunger and food insecurity?
  • 3SquaresVT makes a difference in the lives of nearly 100,000 Vermonters?
  • Sometimes, the benefits are too low to allow households to purchase nutritious food on a consistent basis?
  • Congress is considering major cuts to the program in the Farm Bill which would mean thousands of Vermonters would lose their benefits?


Why take the 3SquaresVT Challenge?

The 3SquaresVT Challenge encourages participants to get a sense of what life is like for millions of low-income Americans facing hunger  by highlight what it is like to eat on the average 3SquaresVT benefit—approximately $1.72 per meal for a single person.  Help us bring awareness to the issue of hunger and the struggles that families face when living on fixed or low incomes.


3SquaresVT Challenge Guidelines

Household size, budget/week:

1 person, $36

2 people, $53

3 people, $78

4 people, $91

Additional household members, add $15 per person per week


  • Include all of your food and beverage purchases in your weekly budget, including snacks, fast food, dining out, etc.
  • Only eat foods bought with your weekly budget. Exceptions include: spices and condiments already in your pantry, food from your garden and school lunches for children, since many kids on 3SquaresVT are eligible for free or reduced price meals.
  • Challenge participants should not plan to use food shelves, produce drops, meal sites or other community resources. While 61% of 3SquaresVT recipients need to rely on those resources, those resources are for those truly in need.

Join us and take the 3SquaresVT Challenge by completing the form below!

NOTE: The daily e-mails are only sent out during the week that we do the Challenge statewide in November.  Sign up and do the Challenge at any time, but you'll hear from us in November 2014.  


Support for the 3SquaresVT Challenge

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