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Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports are due on the 10th following the end of the quarter:

  • July, August and September are due October 10th
  • October, November and December are due January 10th
  • January, February and March are due April 10th
  • April, May and June are due July 10th


Download the quarterly report here.


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Special Need Funds

The Vermont Foodbank wants to be a responsive partner, so we created the Special Needs Fund to address short-term needs where funding can help a Foodbank Network Partner to build their capacity to handle more perishable foods, specifically produce (refrigeration, processing equipment, etc.). While handling more produce is the top priority, there are times when a grant will be provided to improve the infrastructure of their agency or meet an emergency need.

Vermont Foodbank FY16 Special Fund Guidelines

Vermont Foodbank FY16 Special Fund Application

Vermont Foodbank FY16 Special Fund Report Form


For more information, contact:

Jen Hutchinson

Youth Programs Manager and Network Support


[email protected]


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