Create A Fundraising Page

Do you have a birthday or anniversary you'd like to donate to the Vermont Foodbank?  Are you organizing a company event that needs a cause employees can rally around?  Or do you have your own tradition, such as Seth and Leanne's Summer Games.  Now there is an easy and fun way to make a big difference in your community. Create a personal fundraising page with the Vermont Foodbank! 

How to Create a Fundraising Page


  1. First, create a donor account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Click “Your Personal Fundraising Page.” You will be able to see all of the fundraising pages you have created or you can click on “Create a new personal fundraising page.”
  3. When you create a new personal fundraising page, you can:
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • Give your page a title
  • Set the page to public or private
  • Upload a picture
  • Track your progress!


Use the link in the URL bar to send your page out to potential supporters. When they click "Support this Fundraiser," their donation will automatically be credited to your fundraising goal. 


For tips on fundraising, read "Effective Fundraising - a Force for Good!" written for our Harpoon Point to Point fundraisers.  You can find more information about the Vermont Foodbank and hunger in Vermont on our About page and Our Programs page.  


Your donations - and those of your supporters - are so important to the Vermont Foodbank.  $1 helps us provide 3 meals to Vermonters in need.


If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Baptiewright at 802-477-4115 or [email protected].


Start fundraising.


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