Millennial Philanthropy

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What comes to mind when you hear people talking about Millennials and philanthropy?  Are Millennials hesitant to call themselves philanthropists?  Or, as Phil Kolling says in our video, "giving what you can is being a philanthropist"?


The McClure Foundation, a supporter of the Vermont Foodbank, practices what it calls "project-oriented, collaborative philanthropy" and this is what we see from our Millennial donors and volunteers every day.



In the video, you met Millennials who support the Vermont Foodbank.


Learn why Phil wants to set the record straight on Millennials:

Millennial Philanthropy Phil


Meet the Millennial behind the camera, Joe Gaetani, from Rightside Productions:

Millennial Philanthropy Joe


Cathie explains why Millennial involvement in the fight against hunger is so important:

Millennial Philanthropy Cathie



Here's what we need you to do. 


#1 Tweet this.

Millennials are philanthropists too. I stand with @VermontFoodbank. 


#2 Take the pledge: 



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