Fresh Food Initiatives

The Vermont Foodbank is committed to improving access to fresh healthy produce for Vermonters who need food assistance.  In addition to our Food Distribution Program, these five programs focus on fresh, local produce.


Gleaning Program

Gleaning is the act of harvesting excess or unmarketable produce from a farm. This act of rescuing food allows the Foodbank to gather and distribute as much as 400,000 pounds of fresh, local produce each year throughout the state.  Learn more about Vermont Foodbank gleaning.


Pick for Your Neighbor

Pick for Your Neighbor is a partnership between the Vermont Foodbank, the Agency of Agriculture and the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association. During apple harvest season citizens and companies are encouraged to visit a participating orchard to pick and purchase extra apples for donation to the Foodbank.  Find an orchard and Pick for Your Neighbor.


VT Fresh

The Vermont Foodbank aims to increase access to and improve the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables at food shelves by offering cooking demonstrations and taste tests at selected sites.  A primary goal of VT Fresh is to support participating food shelves in increasing their capacity to handle more fresh produce and increasing the demand for fruits and vegetables amongst their visitors.  Learn more about VT Fresh.


Vermont Fresh: A Fruit and Vegetable Handbook

This Handbook contains information on over 40 fruits and vegetables, their nutritional value, storage advice, preparation tips and many recipes.  There's also a lively community of volunteers testing, tasting and blogging about the recipes, many of which are quick, healthy and budget-friendly. Download or read from the Vermont Fresh Handbook.  

Vermont Foodbank Fresh Food  


To learn more about the Foodbank's agricultural programs, contact:

Michelle Wallace

Program Manager 


[email protected]

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