Youth Programs

The Vermont Foodbank has a number of programs that are geared towards the needs of our most valuable resource: Vermont's children.


BackPack Program

For most kids, a backpack might contain books and school supplies. For children participating in the BackPack Program, it means a weekend with a full belly. Learn more about the BackPack Program.


School Food Pantry To-Go

School Food Pantry To-Go helps alleviate childhood hunger in Vermont through the distribute of fresh produce twice per month on school grounds. Learn more about School Food Pantry To-Go.


Hungry Kate

Kate represents the thousands of Vermont children who go struggle with hunger. This year, the Vermont Foodbank will provide food to as many as 153,000 Vermonters, 34% of whom are children. Learn more about Hungry Kate.


Building Blocks for Literacy 2.0

Building Blocks for Literacy 2.0 is a tool for educators, service providers, and parents to help prepare young children for literacy success when they enter school. Learn more about Building Blocks for Literacy.


Hunger 101

Hunger 101 is an program for elementary, middle-school, and high-school students involving role-playing and discussions that increase awareness of hunger. Learn more about Hunger 101.


For more information, contact:

Jen Hutchinson

Youth Programs Manager & Network Partner Support


[email protected]



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