Hunger 101

Hunger 101 is an educational program for elementary, middle-school, and high-school students involving role-playing and discussions that increase awareness of hunger in the community. Students learn about the issues that create and perpetuate food insecurity in Vermont in a sensitive, engaging manner. The Foodbank believes that knowledge is our greatest tool in the fight against hunger and poverty.


The Vermont Foodbank can promote hunger awareness in your school by:

  • Supplying schools with Hunger Education Toolkits,
  • Offering tours of the Foodbank for student field trips,
  • Providing a guest speaker for school assemblies, food drive kick-offs, and other special events and
  • Working with your school to provide facts and information about hunger and poverty.



In just a few minutes, you can walk in someone else’s shoes and experience what it is like to struggle with poverty and hunger. In this program, you will take on the role of a low-income person living in Vermont. Your challenge? To manage your resources and provide enough food to feed you and your family—visit a simulated grocery store and a food shelf, and learn how to apply for 3SquaresVT benefits. Click the Hunger 101 icon to begin the simulation (NOTE: The simulation will open a new window on your computer screen).



To learn more about the program and for more information on placing an order for a Hunger Education Toolkit, contact:

Jennifer Hutchinson, Youth Programs Manager
[email protected]


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