Jen Hutchinson, Youth Program Manager at the Foodbank was a guest blogger on Feeding America’s Blog last week.

Take a minute to read Jen’s very personal story about why feeding children is important to her.

I am starting my fifth year of managing the BackPack program for the Vermont Foodbank, and to be honest lately have been pretty caught up in the details. I have been thinking a lot about what new products we will put in the bags, what new schools we will add to the program this year, how our delivery schedule will change and how many more students we will reach. While all of this planning is essential for the success of the program, it’s not really the stuff that inspires me and as the beginning of the school year gets closer and closer I am realizing that somehow I have lost my key focus. Seeking inspiration, I reached out to others who are involved in the program on a more personal level with the children. READ MORE.