The Vermont Foodbank is participating in Hunger in America 2014, a national study conducted across the Feeding America network. Feeding America is a network of more than 200 food banks across the U.S., of which the Vermont Foodbank is a member.  Conducted every four years, Hunger in America, is the largest study of charitable food assistance in America.

Hunger in America is the only study of its kind and is referenced widely by anti-hunger relief advocates to argue for resources to improve the lives of millions of people across the country. Its findings will enable the Vermont Foodbank to more effectively understand the needs in our communities and our capacity to meet those needs. The data found in this report would not be possible without volunteers.

To effectively complete this study, we need a committed team of volunteers.  Being a volunteer can be a life changing opportunity—witnessing stories of struggle and persistence from the front lines.  Your level of commitment depends on you—volunteer at one site, in your community, or a number of sites throughout Vermont.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Duties

  • Participate in training provided by the Foodbank. These will start in March 2013
  • Travel to agencies as assigned by the Hunger Study Coordinator
  • Work under the guidance of the site team leader
  • Identify eligible survey participants by following the sampling plan (Created by Feeding America and Westat)
  • Using a script, explain Hunger in America to potential participants to persuade them to take the survey
  • Set up the laptops or tablets and headphones with participants and explain how to use the software
  • Answer questions that arise from participants while filling out the survey
  • Troubleshoot technological issues that may arise when participants are filing out the survey
  • If questions or issues cannot be resolved easily, contact the Help Line desk
  • Thank the participant for his/her time and distribute the incentive item

New This Year

The client survey portion of the study will be administered on a computer.  Volunteers will assist participants in accessing the technology and provide any technical assistance needed during the duration of the study.  There will be approximately one volunteer per 3 participants.

Interview & Training Dates

Between mid-April and August 2013 the Vermont Foodbank will visit emergency and non-emergency feeding sites around the state of Vermont, recruiting clients to participate in this important study. We will match volunteers according to availability and endeavor to schedule locations convenient to them.

To participate in Hunger in America 2014 data collection, all volunteers must attend one training.  Currently  scheduled trainings are:

Thursday, March 21, 2013 from 9AM to 2PM
Vermont Foodbank, Barre Distribution Center

Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 9AM to 2PM
Vermont Foodbank, Brattleboro Distribution Center

Thursday, April 4, 2013 from 9AM to 2PM
Community Kitchen Academy Classrooms, Burlington

Lunch will be provided.

If you would like to participate but can’t make it to one of the above trainings, we would still like to hear from you as we will be scheduling more trainings throughout the months of April and May.

The Final Results

Hunger in America 2014 will be released late 2014. The information resulting from this study will be shared with Vermont media, policy makers, hunger advocates, and concerned citizens to raise awareness about the extent of hunger in our communities. It will also be used to substantiate additional requests for support of Vermont Foodbank programs.   This study is an important step toward our goal of ending hunger in Vermont.

A successful volunteer should:

  • Have an interest in the study and its purpose
  • Be enthusiastic, flexible, and patient
  • Be interested in and capable of interacting with vulnerable and diverse populations Be available in full or half day segments
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have strong computer and internet connectivity skills
  • Exercise discretion and demonstrate sensitivity toward any information that participants may want to share with them about the hardships they experience

Interested in learning more?

Please e-mail Judy Stermer at or call 802-477-4108.  You can also download the Volunteer Information Form and the Volunteer Availability Form.