Linda Markin was too short to make money as an apple picker and it was warmer doing the payroll indoors anyway.  Thus began her accounting/finance career in Vermont in the late 1970s.  Linda went on to work for Concept2 for more than two decades and currently serves as the CFO of the Vermont Community Loan Fund.

Harpoon Point to Point Rider Linda MarkinShe’s wanted to ride in the Harpoon Point to Point, which benefits the Vermont Foodbank, for years, but the drive seemed too far from her Hardwick home.  When she learned that a cousin’s husband cycles and has a place in Grafton, the lodging stars aligned. (Click for more info on discounted lodging and camping options near Windsor, VT.)

“I’m excited about the Harpoon Point to Point because the Foodbank is a great non-profit in Vermont…and I love beer!”

Linda has ridden the Champ Ride, which benefits Vermont CARES, for many years and enjoys non-competitive riding at her own pace, plus the support at rest stops and the celebration at the end of the ride.

“Economic and social justice issues are very important to me,” Markin says. “I am fortunate to have had great privilege in my life and I have a deep commitment to doing what I can to improve the lives of those who have not. My work with the Vermont Community Loan Fund, and my volunteer work with Vermont Works for Women and the Center for an Agricultural Economy are all about increasing opportunities for Vermonters. Since I can’t work with all of the organizations I value in our state, I am also committed to being a philanthropist. My financial resources are not huge. But my heart is.

To train for the Harpoon Point to Point, Linda points out that she has fewer cars to contend with “in the southwestern corner of the Northeast Kingdom” than in other parts of Vermont, not to mention “beautiful lakes and mountain vistas.”  Her regular ride has her driving toward pavement, then riding a 26 mile loop along Routes 15, 14 and on the N. Wolcott Road.  She also enjoys a 32 mile ride circumnavigating Crystal and Willoughby Lakes.

Linda’s riding experience hasn’t been limited to Vermont, though.  “I’ve led bike trips in Nova Scotia and in the French and Swiss Alps. Those were great adventures. I would love to see New Zealand by bicycle and on foot. Maybe someday!”

Until then, Linda will be riding the 50 miler in the Harpoon Point to Point this August.  To learn more about Linda and her team – the First Timers – visit their Harpoon Point to Point webpage.

“I want to live in a state that cares for all its citizens. Basic needs like shelter, food, and health care should be available to all.”

We’d love to see you in August too!  Sign up to ride or volunteer today!