The Vermont Foodbank and 3SquaresVT program continue to strive to meet the needs of all eligible Vermonters who qualify for food benefits. 3SquaresVT (known previously as food stamps) is a federal nutrition program designed to help increase Vermonters’ access to nutritious food. 3SquaresVT is an important resource for low-moderate income, hardworking people and families, and with the help of this program, are able to obtain healthy and affordable foods, and give back to their communities.

The Vermont Foodbank’s 3SquaresVT team helps Vermonters determine their eligibility and assists them in completing an application. The 3SquaresVT Department recently welcomed two new members to the 3SquaresVT team, Emmet Moseley and Maggie Riley who will help with the support efforts around 3SquaresVT.

Vermont Foodbank 3SquaresVT Team

From left to right: Sally Ingraham, 3SquaresVT O