Happier Holidays

Dear Friend of the Foodbank,

Would you like to make the holidays happier for thousands in Vermont? There’s still time! A gift today to the Vermont Foodbank will help fill hungry tummies and put smiles on the faces of those who desperately need our help this holiday season.

There are children in our community who just want to wake up to a warm piece of buttered toast and a glass of milk tomorrow morning, who would love to come home and have an after-school snack, who are hoping desperately that tonight won’t be yet another night when they go to bed with their stomachs aching from hunger.

There are children in our community who just want enough to eat.Donate

Amazingly, each $10 you give can provide enough food for 30 meals. What a return on your investment! Now that should make your holiday happier, too.

Please help today!

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

John Sayles

Chief Executive Officer

PS: No gift is too late to make a difference. There’s still time to give!