Hunger in America 2014, a national study with local findings, documents household demographics and offers a snapshot of the people served by the Vermont Foodbank – their circumstances, the challenges they face and the choices they are forced to make living on extremely limited household incomes.

Also, the study documents the programs and services offered by Vermont Foodbank network partners. Below, we’ve included a significant excerpt from the study:

“Programs also reported the importance of support from Vermont Foodbank in their mission. An estimated 68 percent of programs reported that no longer receiving food from the food bank would have a major effect on the program.

Vermont Foodbank Network Partners

“Support from the Vermont Foodbank is particularly important to food programs, given the vulnerable populations served by this food bank and its partner agencies. In Chapters 4 and 5, we focus on the circumstances and level of need among clients and their household members in greater detail.”

You can download the Hunger in America Executive Summary or the full report here.

As you can see, the work of the Vermont Foodbank is vital to our neighbors in need. And your generosity makes that possible. Please consider giving to the Vermont Foodbank today!