Phantom – a new eatery in Waitsfield, VT,  with an ever-changing, creative menu inspired by local ingredients – shared with us why they chose to participate in Vermont Restaurant Week, which benefits the Vermont Foodbank. Here’s what their head chef, Matt Sargent, had to say…

When the folks at the Vermont Foodbank asked me to write a few hundred words describing who we are at Phantom, what we’re about, the kind of food we serve, and how the Foodbank “resonates” with us, I confess…I was a bit stymied. This is unusual for me. So, I sat with it, thought on it, and then it came to me…

Vermont Restaurant Week PhantomI realized: I DIDN’T want my piece to sound like it was a sales pitch for our restaurant. Because the important thing here is the Vermont Foodbank and what they bring to the people of our state who need an occasional helping hand. They not only bring great, healthy food to folks in need, they also help organize a variety of events, wrangle volunteers, and generally do all they can to make sure no one in our fair state goes hungry.

What can I say to top that? Nothing. It’s an incredibly honorable and NECESSARY endeavor, and the folks at the Foodbank have my utmost respect.

When my partner and I contemplated taking part in Vermont Restaurant Week we hardly thought twice about it. Anything we can do to support the Foodbank is not a choice: it’s a duty and a privilege. ALL of us need to do everything we can to make sure our friends and neighbors have good, healthy food on their tables at all times. The thought of any of our fellow Vermonters going hungry is totally unacceptable. For this reason we support the Vermont Foodbank in any way we can, including participating in Vermont Restaurant Week.

Vermont Restaurant Week PhantomAll that being said (the truly important stuff), here at Phantom we are all about community. We designed our space, menu, style of food, and price point with our fellow community members in mind. We serve healthy, “from scratch”, creative fare at prices designed to allow folks to come in for a bite multiple times a week, if they choose. We’re staffed by a wide variety of community members all sought out not because they are seasoned industry pros, but because they are like-minded people we knew would enrich our “vibe” here at the restaurant. We wanted to surround ourselves with people who thought like we do…that food should be prepared with pride, should be sourced as much as possible from our local friends, and should not cost an arm and a leg.

At Phantom we’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to close for dinner, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 1:30 for brunch. Come check us out some time, and make absolutely sure you do anything you can to support the Vermont Foodbank, because that’s the important thing here.

After years of hosting pop-up dinners and musical affairs, Phantom Productions put down roots in Waitsfield in late 2014. Though the menu changes constantly, this restaurant, bar and music venue serves creative locavore fare with global influences.

Their $30 Vermont Restaurant Week menu looks delicious:

Vermont Restaurant Week Phantom

Phantom is located at 112 Mad River Green, Waitsfield, VT. Visit their website for more info.