Evalyn Dailey is a rock star administrative volunteer for the Vermont Foodbank. We know that any time we have a pile of letters that needs to be folded and mailed, we can call her up and she’ll be right over, with bells on! She’s a treat to have around and makes the Foodbank an even better place to be.

So it’s a delight to be able to feature her here on the blog for Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week Evalyn DaileyWhere are you from?

Williamstown, VT

Where do you live?

Plainfield, VT

Please tell us about your favorite food, meal or recipe.

I like too many things! I love beef, pork, chicken and fish. I fix my meals around those favorite meats.  I love recipe books. I could read them like a magazine! It’s so fun to cook up something different for my husband each night so he doesn’t know what to expect.

How long have you been a volunteer with us?

Six and a half years

Describe the work that you do for the Vermont Foodbank.

I have helped out with sort-a-thons, bringing along my husband to help as well! And I love coming in to help fold and stuff letters for the Foodbank. I really do enjoy it. It’s fun to just sit down and get a project done. Then when you leave it’s a great feeling to know you’ve helped out. And when I work with other volunteers it’s a nice to talk and visit with each other while we work. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers and the wonderful staff!

Why did you choose to volunteer with the Vermont Foodbank?

I worked for the state of Vermont at the tax department and my neighbor Patrick works for the Foodbank. We used to go walking and I enjoyed learning about the work he does. So when I retired, I told him I would like to volunteer at the Foodbank. So for six years now, I have been a volunteer!

Recently I had my friend, Bev, start coming to volunteer with me. This has been really fun.

Patrick Gilbert is the Vermont Foodbank Receptionist.

What have you learned through your experience here?

I’ve learned how the Vermont Foodbank helps out people with their food and also that donations are very important to the Foodbank’s survival.

Was there ever anyone in your life who inspired you to give back or volunteer? And how did that have an impact on your life?

No, not really. I just decided to on my own.

Describe a favorite memory of your time volunteering with us.

Around the holidays when it gets really busy, there are big folding parties where everyone is working together to fold and stuff all of the thank you letters. This year, we had pizza while we worked to make it extra fun and enjoyable!

Thank you, Evalyn, for all of your hard work!

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 12-18. We’d like to take this opportunity – on the blog, with social media, in person and at our facilities – to thank the volunteers that help us serve our neighbors in need. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.