National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 12-18. We’d like to take this opportunity – on the blog, with social media, in person and at our facilities – to thank the volunteers that help us serve our neighbors in need.

Kathy Prue has been helping us out four or five days a week for the past year. She has volunteered 1,030 hours for the Vermont Foodbank! She volunteers at our distribution center in Brattleboro, where she not only works hard herself, but serves as a leader to those around her. She is an expert at the job she does there and is a great resource to the Foodbank and to the other volunteers with whom she works.

Volunteer Appreciation Week: Kathy PrueWhere are you from?


Where do you live?


Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a single mom of three girls. I love the outdoors, fishing and BBQs.

Of course, we’re the Foodbank, so tell us about your favorite food/meal/recipe.

Meatloaf or chili!

How long have you been a volunteer with us?

It will be a whole year next month.

Describe the work that you do for the Vermont Foodbank.

I sort meat and salvage food for families in need.

Why did you choose to volunteer with the Vermont Foodbank?

A new experience.

What have you learned through your experience here?

I’ve learned that how much I do can really help.

Describe a favorite memory of your time volunteering with us.

I love going out every third Friday to distribute food and meeting the people we help.

Thank you, Kathy, for all of your hard work!

The Vermont Foodbank relies on volunteers to accomplish our mission –  to gather and share quality food and nurture partnerships so that no one in Vermont will go hungry. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.