Eat Your Greens

“Eat your greens!”

Can you still hear Mom’s words like I can? Though I may have complained at the time, I know that she was just trying to make sure I got enough fresh veggies. Like little seeds, our children need the right nutrients to grow up healthy.

But for so many families, healthy food – especially fresh produce – is out of reach. When the budget for food is tight and there are mouths to feed, many parents are forced to make the devastating choice between quality and quantity. Produce is just too expensive, and unhealthy food is simply a better option than no food at all.

DonateAlarmingly, nearly 34,000 children in Vermont are struggling with food insecurity and rely on the Vermont Foodbank to get their greens.

At the Vermont Foodbank, we dream of a day when no parent has to choose between nutritional quality and quantity. In the meantime, we are working harder than ever to make sure we provide enough fresh produce to help give parents more healthy options, and children more fuel to grow up healthy and happy.

Will you support us? Imagine the impact you can make!

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All my best,

John Sayles

Chief Executive Officer