For our network partners – the 225 food shelves and meal sites we serve – Joe Dauscher is one of the primary faces of the Vermont Foodbank. As such, we thought we would interview him, so our donors, volunteers and supporters could meet him too!

So, Joe, let’s start with the basics. What’s your job title and department?

Joe DauscherI am the Network Relations Manager and I work in the Community Impact Department.

Please describe your job for us.

I am the liaison between the Foodbank and our 225 network partners that receive food from the Foodbank.  I help non-profit organizations that are providing food to people and families in need, gain access to the services of the Vermont Foodbank.  My colleagues and I visit food shelves, community meal sites, shelters and after school programs to ensure that food is stored safely and distributed fairly; we also share best practices from successful programs.

When did you start working at the Foodbank?

I started in August of 2003, so I’m coming up on 12 years now.  I’ve seen a lot of great changes in that time span.  As the demand for our services increases, the tenacity of the Foodbank to meet those demands with healthier food and greater distribution prevails.

Where do you live, where are you from?

I grew up in the Jamaica, Queens section of New York City where the population density is 29,000 people per square mile.  I now have the great fortune to live in East Barre here in Washington County where the population density is 86 people per square mile.  It’s much more peaceful!

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

I live in an early 19th century brick farm house with my wife Sylvia.  We first met at a Grateful Dead concert in 1984; years later we got married on a cliff overlooking the Maine coast in Acadia National Park. I love baseball and have been a New York Mets fan all of my life.  I enjoy day hiking and helping Sylvia in the garden.

If you could work in another Foodbank department or job for a day, what would it be and why?

I really enjoy working with our staff at Foodbank events like the Harpoon Point to Point and Mardi Gras in Burlington. I also like it when I have the opportunity to speak to students and community groups about the work of the Vermont Foodbank and how they can be involved in helping to alleviate hunger in their community.

What’s one of your favorite memories, so far, from working here?

I have many great memories working here, the ones that give me the most satisfaction are when I’ve been able to help facilitate a food shelf in joining our network.  When a food shelf becomes a network partner of the Foodbank I know that they will then be able to provide more food for the people in need in their community. 

Tell us what you like about working at the Vermont Foodbank.

I get to work with staff that have great passion for our mission; we all have our roles and together we make an awesome team.

Thanks, Joe, for sharing your story with us – and for bringing humor and Grateful Dead music to the team!