John Kearns is a volunteer in our warehouse and in our gleaning program. Andrea Solazzo, our Gleaning and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Northern Region, especially appreciates the consistent help and the distance he’s been willing to travel.

On top of his volunteer work, he’s creating an online hub connecting people in the food system, while giving back to communities. Read on…

John, where are you from and where do you currently live?

St John’s, Newfoundland. Currently, Johnson, VT (moving to Gunnison, CO).

Please tell us more about yourself.

friendly forkI have been creating a website,, which is a community-oriented online food and wellness hub. Friendly Fork connects local farmers, farmers’ markets, grocers, producers, restaurants, & wellness providers with folks seeking out the true heart of each community. Giving back is our mission with 5% of profits going to help the food insecure, 5% to food allergy research,  & 5% to the individual friendlyfork communities , with a long-term goal of becoming a full foundation.

I have two wonderful daughters, Erin and Gwenn, in college. I love to play hockey, hike, and soak in hot springs. 

Tell us about your favorite food/meal/recipe.

My favorite food is blueberries! Favorite meal is  anything nutritious and organic!

How long have you been a volunteer with us?

I have been volunteering since April or May with the Vermont Foodbank. My company is developing policy to have employees help with the food insecure everywhere.

Describe the work that you do for the VT Foodbank.

I have helped sort & box at the warehouse and done gleaning in Craftsbury.

Why did you choose to volunteer with the Vermont Foodbank?

I have been volunteering with various organizations over the years, the Vermont Foodbank provides a necessary service to those in need. I have been in need and felt it was time to give back!

What have you learned through your experience here?

That there are great people everywhere giving back to their communities!

Was there ever anyone in your life who inspired you to give back or volunteer? And how did that have an impact on your life?

My parents , and they have impacted my life in more ways than can be spoken here!

Describe a favorite memory of your time volunteering with us.

Recording Andrea describing the Gleaning Program!

Is there anything else you’d like to s