It’s a donation from the sun.

That’s true of the very sunny gift Vermont Timber Works makes to the Foodbank thanks to their unique solar production at their offices and shop in North Springfield, VT.VT Timber works

Vermont Timber Works went all solar in January of 2015, and since then all of the office and shop power comes from the sun. Since they produce more than they use, they donate extra power to the Vermont Foodbank and The Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS).

Here’s how it works. The company’s solar array is located in an open field behind their shop. It has four rows of panels with forty-eight 310 watt panels in each row, and they use accumulated credits, from especially sunny days, to balance their power usage when they under-produce energy on a day-by-day basis. The solar array is “net-metered,” so all the power it produces goes into a power grid, and they’re able to donate unused green energy to the Foodbank and COTS.

The company estimates it is allocating 8% of their monthly generation to the Foodbank for the upcoming year. And all their solar power has another advantage: in a typical year they offset 50 tons of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of 7,400 gallons of gasoline.

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