They’re Back! Michael and Andrew Hike to Fight Hunger

This inspiring guest blog was written by 16- and 14-year-old brothers, Michael and Andrew Hyde. After a successful Ride to Fight Hunger last year they’re back with a new adventure to feed Vermonters – the Hike To Fight Hunger!

Hyde Brothers

Hi, we are Michael and Andrew Hyde, and as you may already know, last year we raised $10,000 for the Vermont Foodbank.

We created Ride to Fight Hunger – where we rode 1000 miles, raised $5000 and provided 15,000 meals. Michael rode 800 miles through California and Andrew rode 250 miles through Vermont to raise money for the Foodbank. In the end with the support of a generous matching donor who heard our story, we raised $10,000.

So, what could we do this year to encourage our supporters to once again donate to the cause? For 2018 we have created Hike to Fight Hunger!  This summer we will be hiking the Appalachian Mountain Huts in New Hampshire from Kinsman, over the ten 4000 foot peaks of the Presidentials to Pinkham Notch. About 9 days and 65 miles of adventure to raise money for those in need.

Just like last year we need your help. We have set a goal of raising $6,000 but the best news is that our generous sponsor has agreed to match every dollar we raise up to our target so we have the potential of raising $12,000 this year. That’s about 20,000 meals!

We would be thrilled if you would join us in this very worthy cause. Please consider donating to this fundraiser using the link below. We encourage you to walk alongside us, if that means hiking your local trails, going out to do some exercise or even getting out of bed in the morning. These are all forms of donations to us.

Thank you for your donations! And see you at the Point to Point in August, 2018, where we will be riding 100 miles.


Michael and Andrew Hyde