Meet Teresa’s Family

Teresa has had to make difficult decisions around food, especially during the summer when her kids can’t rely on school meals. This is her story.

Teresa's Family

“I work full time to support my two children […] We receive food stamps, but even with them and my income, we usually run out of food about two weeks into the month. Before we found the food bank, a lot of times I’d just go hungry. I still have to skip meals occasionally and go to work hungry. I’m used to it though so it’s okay.

What’s not okay is for my kids to be hungry. During the school year I can provide enough, but in the summer it gets frightening. It seems to cost me ten times more to feed them since they’re not receiving free breakfast and lunch. To make up for it, we all skip breakfast and I feed them what I can for lunch. Unfortunately, I often have to feed them unhealthy stuff, because I just don’t have the money to get the fresh stuff that we eat during the school year. It’s stressful, really stressful.

Finding the food bank has really helped a lot. We don’t suffer as much as we used to in the summer. I’m really grateful for its help. Without it, we just wouldn’t make it some months. It’s a relief that I don’t have to worry as much as I did before, and can instead concentrate on continuing to work so that someday, I can actually give my family a better life.”

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