Meet Kay and Her Sister

Kay lives in Milton, Vermont and she is inspired to give to the Foodbank because she sees the way that hunger affects her sister.


“My sister is a proud, aging Vermonter and it’s hard for her to accept that she needs help,” says Kay.

Kay’s sister lives off of a meager social security income that makes it difficult to make ends meet and nearly impossible to afford the foods she ate during her working life.

But then Kay’s sister learned about the fresh food programs that Vermont Foodbank supporters make possible. Kay’s sister can attend fresh food deliveries in her area and will be able to take home local produce grown right here on Vermont farms.

“The day [my sister] called to tell me that she was going to get free garden vegetables it was as if she had won the lottery. She is truly grateful to be able to have vegetables in her diet again.”

Kay’s sister is so inspired by the help she receives that she wants to help other people struggling with hunger.

“She volunteers at food donation sites to help others in their need. Often she’ll speak of folks who have greater need than her own, and her compassion for them is unmatched. She lives in their shoes. She struggles as they do.”

And she inspires Kay to give back as well. “I give as often as I can to the Vermont Foodbank,” says Kay. “I wanted to give her the money for her to buy food, but her request was that I continue to give to the Foodbank so that others would benefit as well. She is an amazing woman and she is truly grateful to have the fresh produce.”

“Hunger knows no age limit – and I pray that we will be able to continue to support the Foodbank. Thank you for all you do to help those who might otherwise go without.”


You can help provide fresh, local food for friends, family, and neighbors in need throughout Vermont. Click here to donate: