Meet Liz

Liz is a full time student and a single mom of three. Hoping to provide a better life for her kids, Liz decided to go back to school last year. Coming up with the resources to support her education and her family has been tough, and her budget feels particularly tight during the holidays. This is her story.


We get by somehow – but it’s a constant struggle, particularly during the holidays. The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, but for me they are more sad and depressing. I feel sad because I can’t give my children everything they want. They see their friends getting all these gifts and it hurts that I can’t give them the same. But thanks to the food pantry, I can at least give them a special holiday meal.

The food pantry helps a ton during the holidays. They give out turkeys and holiday boxes that include stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. – everything you need for a meal. Without the food pantry I don’t know what I’d do during this time. I may not have a lot to give my boys, but they love food, so when the pantry gives us an amazing meal, I know they’re happy.

I’m confident that times won’t always be this tough for us, and I look forward to finishing school and having the resources to enjoy this season. I see a home, a full table and a Christmas tree full of presents in the near future. But even when we have enough, I hope my boys always remember how we struggled. And that when they get older, this memory inspires them to go back to food pantries during the holidays – but this time as volunteers, full of love, compassion and support for people in need.”


You can help provide festive, nutritious meals for families and neighbors in need this holiday season. Click here to donate: