In the Kitchen with the Colletts: Chicken Pot Pie

In the Kitchen with the Colletts is a guest blog series written by Brittany Collett. A single mother of three doing her best to make ends meet, Brittney has mastered being resourceful and preparing meals on a budget. Now she is using her skills as a chef and photographer to share her delicious recipes with the Foodbank community. You can learn more about Brittany and her story here.

Use your leftover gravy and meat from my last recipe (Rosemary Roasted Chicken or Turkey with Vegetables and Gravy) to make a homemade pot pie!

This is a favorite homemade recipe in my house that I have perfected with leftover turkey or chicken dinner. It’s another savory, delicious, and easy-to-make meal. The kids can join in to help cut the soft vegetables (I don’t recommend a sharp knife!) and tear apart the chicken to fill the chicken pot pie. Mine love to help roll out the dough. Great family bonding time!

Chicken Pot Pie


  • Leftover cooked chicken or turkey
  • Leftover gravy and broth
  • Frozen, canned or fresh peas, corn and carrots
  • Pie crust
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Potato
  • Salt & pepper

Directions for Chicken Pot Pie

  1. Preheat oven to 350 for 20-35 minutes depending on crust.
  2. Take the meat off the bone.
  3. Put remaining broth and gravy in pot.
  4. If more gravy is needed, use the directions below to make a little more.
  5. Boil water and submerge 3-4 peeled and chopped potatoes until mildly soft, not falling apart.
  6. Strain the water.
  7. Put 3tbs butter in a pan and melt over medium heat.
  8. Add chopped basil, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Cook stirring constantly on medium, until everything is blended well and garlic has browned. Add this to the gravy.
  9. Add the meat, corn, cooked potatoes, carrots and peas to the gravy on med/low heat.
  10. Get the pie crust ready and use a 3-5 inch deep pie or cake pan. Any dough will work – store bought, homemade, box mix, your choice!
  11. Add the gravy and all ingredients to the pie crust, filling almost to the brim.
  12. Place a layer of pie crust on top of the pot pie
  13. Add two 1 inch long slits to the top center to allow heat to exit.
  14. Cut the extra dough hanging off the dish. Optional, but fun: make a decorative design on the pie with the extra dough.
  15. Brush melted butter on top of crust.  I like to mix melted butter, salt, pepper, diced garlic and turmeric (optional) on the crust before putting it in the oven.
  16. Bake on middle/low rack in preheated oven. Check every 15-20 minutes and take out when the crust is golden brown.

Directions for Gravy (if needed)

  1. Add broth to a pan on the stove top at medium heat.
  2. Take milk in a dish, add cornstarch and mix well (cold). Be sure there are no clumps! Start with 1/2 cup milk & 3 tbs cornstarch to every 1 1/2 cup of broth.
  3. Add milk and cornstarch mixture to broth.
  4. If gravy is not thick enough, do this again and slowly add the milk and cornstarch while mixing with the broth.
    Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve and enjoy! ~B.Collett

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