Meet this working parent

We received this letter recently from an employee at one of the Vermont hospitals where we host a fresh food distribution. We’re passing the note along to you because making free, healthy food available where people live and work is not something we could do alone.

I first heard about VeggieVanGo through the Vermont Foodbank in our newsletter at the hospital. I was skeptical to go at first because I am not homeless and I have a job. I expressed my feelings to a co-worker who encouraged me to go, and I am so glad I did.

Although I have a great job and I am not homeless, I still struggle to make ends meet. I have children under the age of 6. Needless to say, I have some hungry mouths to feed and keeping up is hard to do. With the help of VeggieVanGo I am able to supplement with fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts and other nutritional foods.

Thanks to this awesome program my children are able to have healthy snacks and I am able to cook healthier meals. Access to this program has certainly relieved a little of my financial burden as well. I am very grateful for this program and to the volunteers who make it happen!

Thank you so much,

Happy Employee 🙂

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