VeggieVanGo Arrives In Randolph!

Photo of pinapple salsa display at the VeggieVanGo event.

Visitors to VeggieVanGo were able to try freshly prepared pineapple salsa.

Earlier this month the Vermont Foodbank’s VeggieVanGo program arrived in Randolph at Gifford Medical Center. The following reflections were submitted by two University of Vermont graduate students, Anna Jursinic and Natalie Mashia, both of whom are enrolled in the dietetics program at the university. VeggieVanGo provides fresh and healthy foods at schools and hospitals around Vermont and we’re grateful for our dedicated interns such as Natalie and Anna who are working to ensure all people in Vermont have access to healthy food. VeggieVanGo will take place at Gifford Medical Center each month.

Experiencing The First VeggieVanGo Event At Gifford Health Care
Anna Jursinic

As a UVM dietetics graduate student and intern, I have spent the last two weeks with the Vermont Foodbank. During this rotation, I had the opportunity to participate in some amazing VT Fresh events. One of my favorites was experiencing the first VeggieVanGo event with Gifford Health Care.

The overall mission of VeggieVanGo events is to ‚Äúprovide fresh and healthy foods to families at schools and hospitals around Vermont.” These events work to promote fresh produ