CKA Barre Welcomes Chef Joey Buttendorf!

Photo of Chef Joey

An experienced chef in the industry for more than 25 years.

Chef Joey has taught professionally for 25+ years guiding students ranging from 6-65 years old on corporate, independent, institutional and amateur levels. As an instructor at the New England Culinary Institute for years, Chef Joey is proficient in teaching all levels of classic French cookery, current trends, and Haute cuisine. She is experienced in creating à la carte, school, institutional, seasonal, locavore, ethnic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus…plus so much more.

She is experienced in training staff about product inventory, proper storage, handling of food, purchasing, organizational skills, efficiencies, and time management. She works to impart confidence, strength, and fun during stressful times in service while also focusing on sanitation, cleanliness, ServSafe certification and how to utilize product efficiently and cut down on waste.

Chef Joey is active in the community and well-traveled. She has a passion and fascination for working with people to achieve their individualized meaning of success.

As a Farm to Table advocate, she strongly believes that food comes from the source, and buying local is what helps all areas of economy, health, and community sustainability.

Her love of food and teaching are first and foremost. Additional interests and passions include dogs and cats, music, gardening, the mountains, walking, snowshoeing, art, reading, writing and recipe journals.


Johnson State College
Studied Classical Music Theory and Performing Arts

AOS Culinary Arts New England Culinary Institute

AOS Culinary Arts New England Culinary Institute

New England Culinary Institute
Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Art

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