Amber’s Children Have the Healthy Food They Need This Weekend

Photo of woman. Thanks to your support our neighbors don't have to go without healthy food.

Amber and her husband are doing their best to keep healthy food on the table for their children. But with the high cost of living in Vermont it can be difficult. Thanks to your support, help is there.

Amber is a mother of four children ranging from two to nine years old. You can hear the smile in Amber’s voice as she talks about the joy her family shares together. In addition to the kids, they have two dogs and two cats. “We like to all hang out as a family and spend time together,” she says.

In order to care for her children, Amber isn’t currently working. And though her husband works full-time as a truck driver, it doesn’t pay enough for their family to meet their basic needs.

The cost of living in Vermont is high. It’s especially hard for Amber and her family during the winter months when they face high heating bills and still have to balance other costs. It makes it difficult to afford the food they need to feed their growing children.

But then Amber learned about the bags of kid-friendly, nutritious food available at her kids’ school because of your support. Thanks to you, now her kids have nutritious food to take home over the weekends—a time when they don’t have access to school lunch. “It’s awesome, they love it! They get all excited when they receive their [food].”

For the past three years, this weekend food has helped Amber’s family make sure there is always enough to eat for their growing children. “It helps. We don’t have to worry about whether my kids are going to eat or not if we get low on food.”

Removing that worry allows Amber and her family to focus on the important things, like spending time togeth