One-on-One Assistance to Help You Get The Foods You Want

Vermont Foodbank’s 3SquaresVT team is here to support you! Our friendly team is available to help you apply for 3SquaresVT benefits so you can get the types of food you want and need. Our team’s goal is to make information about 3SquaresVT approachable and accessible, and we can stick by your side through the entire application process.

3SquaresVT is a great way to boost your monthly food budget and everyone can apply. If you’re a college student, over 60 years old, working, unemployed, or getting WIC, disability, or other benefits, you may be eligible for 3SquaresVT. And folks like Sarah can help you navigate the way.

Tara was grateful to have had a real person to speak with about getting her 3Squares VT benefits.

“To have a real live person with a real-life phone number who actually called me, who emailed me…that made all the difference.”

~ Tara

Kathryn also received one-on-one assistance to complete her 3SquaresVT application.

“[Their] assistance at the Vermont Foodbank with the 3SquaresVT application was a tremendous help!”

~ Katherine

James reached out to our team and was able to get help with his 3SquaresVT benefits.

“Due to [their] help, my application was processed very quickly & I was able to receive assistance in no time.”

~ James

Ready to connect with a 3SquaresVT team member?

Connect with us for one-on-one assistance by filling out the inquiry form below. It only takes a few minutes and a member of our friendly 3SquaresVT team will reach out to you as soon as possible by whichever method you choose: phone, email, or text.