3 09, 2019

Thank You, Point To Point Riders, Runners, Sponsors and Supporters!


Another August has come and gone and with it, another Point To Point! This year nearly 400 athletes joined us in Ascutney to ride bikes and run on the trails to raise money to fight hunger in Vermont. Thanks to everybody who came out to run and ride, to fix bikes, to cheer on friends and family members, to donate, and to support the event.

Thank You, Point To Point Riders, Runners, Sponsors and Supporters!2019-09-03T12:07:42-05:00
28 08, 2019

Remembering Tom Abbiati


Earlier this month Tom Abbiati, a dedicated Foodbank staff member passed away. For the past fifteen years he worked hard every day to ensure that all people in Vermont had access to the food they needed. His kind, thoughtful nature touched the lives of us all. He truly spent his life making the community a better place and bringing joy to the people around him. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy lives on through the lives he changed and the hope he brought to people throughout Vermont.

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1 08, 2016

Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser for Pawsitive Pantry


In 2014, PAWSitive PAWSitive Pantry and the Vermont Foodbank teamed up to annually supply food shelves throughout Vermont with 40,000 lbs of pet food. This month, thanks to a donation from theRescue Bank, a program of GreaterGood.org, PAWSitive and the Vermont Foodbank will be able to provide an additional 39,396 lbs of dog food. The [...]

Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser for Pawsitive Pantry2017-11-08T16:15:44-05:00
21 06, 2016

Fundraising Tips for Harpoon Point to Point


This year will be my 9th century Point to Point (P2P) ride.  My son-in-law, Jason, who has taken part in this fundraiser since its beginning in 2002, encouraged (helped, persuaded, inspired, cheered) me to first participate in 2008. Each year he is at the top of the many scenic hills along the route patiently waiting for [...]

Fundraising Tips for Harpoon Point to Point2017-11-08T16:15:45-05:00
16 06, 2016

How Gleaning Tackles Waste and Food Insecurity


This post was originally published on the UVM Food Feed Blog. An estimated 70 billion pounds of food goes to waste in America each year, while nearly 48 million people in the United States feel the effects of food insecurity. Gleaning—the practice of collecting and donating excess foods—helps simultaneously address both waste and food insecurity. More [...]

How Gleaning Tackles Waste and Food Insecurity2017-11-08T16:15:46-05:00
14 06, 2016

Community Kitchen Academy: Jaime


“Food is a healing medium. I believe that the kitchen is a healing place, and the kitchen and cooking often takes care of people if you allow it to.” That’s what Jaime, an instructor at the Community Kitchen Academy, has to say about CKA which trains underemployed and unemployed Vermonters for careers in the food [...]

Community Kitchen Academy: Jaime2017-11-08T16:15:46-05:00