Event Proposal Form

Are you interested in planning a food drive, special event or fundraiser for the Foodbank? If so, please fill out this Event Proposal and Agreement. Our Marketing and Promotions Manager, Mica Seely, will look it over and get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions, contact Mica at mseely@vtfoodbank.org or 802-477-4154.
  • Event Information

  • Please be as specific as possible
    Please check all that apply. The Vermont Foodbank reserves the right to review each proposal in order to determine the amount of resources that can be provided. Additionally, the VFB must approve any use of its name or logo in signage or advertising prior to their use.
  • All promotional material must be submitted to the VFB for approval prior to promotion of the event.
  • Event Agreement

    As a general rule, organizations proposing an event for the Vermont Foodbank should:

    • Adhere to the Vermont Foodbank branding identity and standards.
    • Have a positive impact on the Vermont Foodbank’s reputation.
    • Generate sufficient revenue to justify the commitment of requested Vermont Foodbank resources.

    Both parties agree to represent the other party in a respectful and responsible manner and present marketing and advertising to the other party for review prior to printing and distribution.

    Both parties understand the proportion of revenue benefiting the Vermont Foodbank and agree to disclose this amount publicly in an accurate manner.