Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match charitable donations made by their employees. You can make your gift to the Vermont Foodbank go further by having your employer match your contribution, which may double or even triple the value of your gift. Some companies even match gifts made by employees’ spouses or retirees. There is no additional cost to you and the matching gift counts toward your total giving.

Is my gift too small?

Most matching gift programs do have a minimum and maximum amount that they will match each year. Many start at the $25 level and some go as high as $10,000. Find out the particulars for your program from your Human Resources department.

Will my employer like this idea?

Matching gift programs are set up as a way for a company to encourage community engagement and support organizations that are important to their employees. The company sets money aside for this purpose, but you have to ask for the match to be made. Having your gift matched is one of the benefits you receive as an employee- take advantage of it and increase the amount of support you are able to give a cause that you care about!

I’m retired. Will my company still match my gift?

Many companies continue to match gifts from their retired employees. Give your former Human Resources office a call to find out.

How long will it take for the Foodbank to get my matching gift?

Our verification process can take days, weeks or months.  It depends on the company and how they manage their matching gift program.  You can check the status of the gift through your company’s online system or simply follow-up with the Vermont Foodbank.

After I submit the matching gift form, will all my future contributions be matched too?

No. You must submit a matching gift form with each contribution that you make to the Vermont Foodbank.