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15 07, 2015

Creating More Access to 3SquaresVT


The Vermont Foodbank is strengthening its 3SquaresVT Outreach service. With our newest addition to the outreach team, Shane Collins, we continue our efforts of creating easier access for working families, individuals, and seniors. A federally funded program, 3SquaresVT, formerly known as the Food Stamp program and nationally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), [...]

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24 10, 2012

Celebrating George McGovern


Check out this great article in today's Huffington Post--Remembering George McGovern.   George McGovern’s death is a cause of great sadness, but his life and accomplishments are a cause for celebration as well as a reminder of much that is great about America. Among his greatest accomplishments were his Herculean efforts to end hunger in [...]

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