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9 07, 2014

Millennial Philanthropy Project


What comes to mind when you hear people talking about Millennials and philanthropy? Are Millennials hesitant to call themselves philanthropists? Or, as Phil Kolling says in our video, "giving what you can is being a philanthropist"? Vermont Foodbank Millennial Philanthropy Project The McClure Foundation, a supporter of the Vermont Foodbank, practices what it calls "project-oriented, [...]

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31 05, 2014

Millennial Philanthropist Project: Featuring Philip Kolling


We'll be featuring Millennial Philanthropists in a blog series this month, asking them a few brief questions about why they give and get involved with causes.  For more info, visit our Millennial Philanthropist Project. First up, we'd like to introduce Philip Kolling. Phil is a 30 year old dad, husband, student, SerVermont Executive Director, outdoorsman, [...]

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