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15 07, 2015

Creating More Access to 3SquaresVT


The Vermont Foodbank is strengthening its 3SquaresVT Outreach service. With our newest addition to the outreach team, Shane Collins, we continue our efforts of creating easier access for working families, individuals, and seniors. A federally funded program, 3SquaresVT, formerly known as the Food Stamp program and nationally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), [...]

Creating More Access to 3SquaresVT2017-11-08T16:16:05-04:00
4 04, 2015

Price Chopper “Check Out Hunger” Raises More than $4,500 and Two Tons of Food


The Vermont Foodbank received the proceeds from Price Chopper’s 2014 Check Out Hunger campaign, which included a donation of $4,894 and 4,788 pounds of food. Price Chopper raised more than $47,000 and more than 29 tons of food for 14 local food banks and their affiliated kitchens and pantries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New [...]

Price Chopper “Check Out Hunger” Raises More than $4,500 and Two Tons of Food2017-11-08T16:16:20-04:00
29 11, 2014

Vermont Foodbank’s 3SquaresVT Outreach Team


The Vermont Foodbank and 3SquaresVT program continue to strive to meet the needs of all eligible Vermonters who qualify for food benefits. 3SquaresVT (known previously as food stamps) is a federal nutrition program designed to help increase Vermonters’ access to nutritious food. 3SquaresVT is an important resource for low-moderate income, hardworking people and families, and [...]

Vermont Foodbank’s 3SquaresVT Outreach Team2017-11-08T16:16:32-04:00
8 05, 2014

Older Americans. A Post from CEO John Sayles


Our low-income seniors are often the most reluctant of our neighbors to ask for or accept help. The data shows that fewer eligible seniors sign up for 3SquaresVT than any other age group. Seniors who use the federal Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) through the Vermont Foodbank often qualify for but are not enrolled in [...]

Older Americans. A Post from CEO John Sayles2017-11-08T16:16:46-04:00
2 05, 2014

Growing Older Shouldn’t Mean Going Hungry


Each year, millions of seniors face difficult choices between paying for rent, utilities, medicine, or food. The Administration on Aging, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, projects that there will be 79.7 million older adults in 2040, more than twice as many as in 2000. These changing demographics are already having [...]

Growing Older Shouldn’t Mean Going Hungry2017-11-08T16:16:46-04:00
12 10, 2013

SNAP Cuts Effective November 1


On November 1, 2013, all SNAP/3SquaresVT households will see a decrease in their monthly benefit amount.  We want Vermonters to be aware of these cuts, so we've gathered information from the Center on Budget and Policy Priories (CBPP), Food  Research and Action Center (FRAC) and Feeding America. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment [...]

SNAP Cuts Effective November 12017-11-08T16:16:58-04:00