Diversity Statement

John Sayles, CEOPhoto by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

“Our Mission is to gather and share quality food, and nurture partnerships so that no Vermonter will go hungry.”

Fulfilling the Vermont Foodbank’s mission depends on creating a personal, trusting connection with everyone in our community—including people in Vermont in need of food, network partners, donors, and government agencies. One way we as an organization will gain, nurture, and maintain this connection is by recognizing the role diversity plays in all that we do.

To build trust and foster relationships the Foodbank must make a personal connection with each individual from whom we gather, or with whom we share. Making that personal, trusting connection means that anyone—regardless of age, income level, race, gender, culture, disability or any other attribute—should recognize the Vermont Foodbank as an open, diverse and welcoming organization.

A diverse range of potential employees must also make a personal, trusting connection with the Vermont Foodbank for us to be seen as an employer of choice. Our nation’s work force is increasingly becoming more diverse in every way—a trend that is here to stay. Potential employees need to be able to trust that the Foodbank is committed to an environment where each individual’s perspective, concerns, and contributions are equally valued, appreciated and acted upon.

The more diversity we have in our staff, our partners, and our supporters, the more successful we will be at gaining the trust of the people we serve. Diversity at the Vermont Foodbank is about achieving our mission and nurturing partnerships to ensure that no one in Vermont goes hungry.