All Harpoon Point to Point riders have a special place in our hearts. This dedicated group trains and fundraises for months in preparation of the Vermont Foodbank’s Harpoon Point to Point ride. This week we are featuring two riders, Jason Reed, a 38 year-old teacher from Hinesburg, Vermont, who will be riding his 10th Harpoon Point to Point this year, and Caitlin McCutchan, a 29 year-old first time rider from Brownsville, Vermont.

Jason Reed

How did you get into riding the Harpoon Point to Point to benefit the Vermont Foodbank?
Ten years ago, my good friend, Eric Thomas, who worked for The Point (104.7) at the time, told me about this ride to benefit the Vermont Foodbank.  Having just been at the Foodbank volunteering with some of my students, it seemed like a good fit.  That year, the ride was 250 miles over the course of 3 days.  I figured I could manage that considering I was much younger, slimmer, and faster back then.

What makes the HP2P different from the other rides you do?
There is a real feeling of appreciation from the sponsors and the folks at the Foodbank.  That, combined with the growing need for food resources for families, makes it a must for me.  My wife and I plan our summer calendar around the Point to Point each year.  My in-laws are volunteers at the Foodbank, and my father in-law is a fellow Point to Point rider.  It’s just part of what we do.  I also see the impact of hunger on young people in my classroom.  Hunger impacts so much of a person’s life from health to academic success.  I really feel the need to contribute to the solution in this small way.

You have decided to increase your fundraising goal this year. Tell us more about how you plan to reach this ambitious goal.
I usually raise between $500-$600.  This year, my fundraising goal is $1,200. That’s a hard number to hit because I know we all struggle financially in our own ways.  Asking my supporters to give more is a HUGE favor to ask.  So in order to do my part to justify asking folks to give a little more, I’m going to skip the free beer at the end of the ride (Yes, I said skip free beer), and I’m going to turn around and pedal back home using the old P2P course.  That will bring me to just over 200 miles for the day.

To donate to support Jason Reed’s ride, please visit his Harpoon Point to Point page.

Caitlin McCutchan

How did you hear about the Harpoon Point to Point and why are you riding?
A couple of my friends did the Point to Point ride last year.  I met up with them during the ride at a rest stop and at the finish of the ride.  I thought this year I would take the plunge and do the 50 miler!

This is your first 50 mile ride. Why did you sign up and what have you been doing to prepare? 
I wanted to challenge myself and to raise money for the Vermont Foodbank.  When it isn’t summer and I am not training for Point to Point (I have been riding 20 mile loops near Windsor about 3 times a week),  I am a Kindergarten teacher at Dothan Brook Elementary School in Wilder Vermont. Making sure my students have enough food to eat everyday is crucial for their learning!

What are you most nervous about? What are you most excited about? 
I am most nervous about it being too hot and the biggest hills. I am excited about riding strong for 50 miles!

Help support Caitlin’s first Harpoon Point to Point ride by visiting her donation page.

Inspired by Jason and Caitlin? Registration for this year’s Harpoon Point to Point, happening on Saturday, August 11th, is still open. Register today!