Volunteers are the heart of the Vermont Foodbank. Without them, thousands of pounds of food would not be sorted, packed and distributed, events wouldn’t be properly staffed and projects not completed. By the end of this year Foodbank volunteers will have given nearly 10,000 hours of their time sorting and packing food, gleaning produce from farms throughout the state, creating and putting together projects and preparing and packing meals. Bottom line, they ensure we’re able to reach as many people struggling with hunger throughout the state as possible. Thanks to them we are able to put additional funds to use to feed kids, families and seniors that would otherwise be used to employ 6 full-time staff! But not only do they enable us to do our work, increase our productivity and allow us to be more efficient economically, they are also a warm and caring force that speaks out against hunger on a daily basis to their family, friends, neighbors and anyone else who will listen. They are proud of the Foodbank, their contribution and we are proud of them!


THANK YOU all for everything you do! You are our HEART!