Wholeshare, an online marketplace that grants consumers access to healthy, sustainable food at wholesale prices through collective purchasing, announced its partnership with The Vermont Foodbank.

Wholeshare will be donating 150 meals to The Vermont Foodbank, as well as community network partners, for every new group that places an order by July 31, 2015.

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“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wholeshare as they raise money to provide meals for Vermonters in need of food help,” said John Sayles, Vermont Foodbank CEO. “This year the Foodbank will provide enough food to feed 153,000 of our neighbors, work that we couldn’t do without the generous support of businesses like Wholeshare.”

Wholeshare operates on the idea that all people should have access to local, organic products. In fact, co-op stores, CSA farmers, and community organizations often form Wholeshare groups to help their members shop sustainably and bypass a trip to the supermarket. A collective purchasing model enables customers to save more money and purchase foods that they might otherwise have trouble finding at their local grocery store. Consumers are aware of where their food is coming from and whether the food is organic, fair trade, or certified kosher.

“I work 100% at my job and 120% as a mom and manager of my household,” said Kim Brearly, the Director of Business Development at Designbook, “I was actively seeking healthy, affordable and time-saving solutions to eliminate at least one of the four grocery stores I now visit to stock up my household. I started a Wholeshare group in our office and not only have I found affordable, organic food and household objects that are delivered to my work, but I also found some great organic lollipops for my daughter’s 5th birthday party!”