BackPack Program

What schools are saying about the BackPack Program:
“Children with poor attendance are always here on food days.”
“Children are more socially involved with peers since the startup of the program.”
“They seem to have a sense of calm knowing that they have food on the weekends.”
“Monday mornings are much better! Less lethargy, complaints and visits to nurses.”

All school-aged children today have one thing in common: the ever-present backpack. For most kids, a backpack might contain books and other school supplies.

For children participating in the BackPack Program, it means much more: a weekend with a full belly.

How does the BackPack Program work?

Bags of kid-friendly, nonperishable, vitamin-fortified food from all five food groups are packed and distributed to participating schools. Guidance counselors, school nurses and other staff identify students in need and send permission slips home to their parents explaining the program.

Your contributions also make this program possible and help us expand it to include more children! Please consider giving to the Vermont Foodbank today.

Schools are selected to participate in the program based on the percentage of youth eligible for free lunches at the school.

1,350 youth will receive backpacks each week through the BackPack Program. In a year’s time, the Vermont Foodbank will package approximately 42,000 bags or 146,000 pounds of food for children in need.