David Loxsom has been a huge help to us in Brattleboro! He has been a reliable weekly volunteer and we are so grateful for his enthusiasm and hard work fighting hunger. We’ll let him tell you a little bit more about himself…

David LoxsomDavid, where are you from and where do you currently live?

Born and raised in Smithfield, RI. Currently living in Chester, VT.

Please tell us more about yourself.

Today I own an Electronics Recycling Business in Alpharetta, GA. I’m kind of retired and working out of my home in Chester. Previously my wife Cindy and I lived in RI until 2002 when we moved to Georgia to try something different.

Before that in 2001 we bought some land in Chester where we were planning on retiring. We would spend most of our vacation time in VT working the land and building a home. In 2013 we decided to draw a line in the sand,  get out of GA and back to New England. So in January of that year Cindy moved into the house we built in Chester,  got a job and I followed a year later.

We have 3 children in MA, GA and KS, and 5 grandchildren. Our hobbies are still working the land and make a hobby farm to keep us busy. 

Tell us about your favorite food/meal/recipe.

We like most all food and this time of the year is great, because we love cooking and eating outside and enjoying the beautiful weather here in VT. We hated the heat in GA, you could never sit outside in the summer it was just too hot!!

How long have you been a volunteer with us?

Vermont Foodbank Brattleboro facilityI started volunteering in the winter, because working out of the house with just the dogs is a little rough if you are a people person. So I was looking for some way of giving back to the area I live in. I thought about the Foodbank and all the great things they do for children and the elderly. I wanted to get involved more than just writing a check, I needed to do something hands on. I wasn’t used to Vermont winters and once the snow is shoveled for the day you’re done.

Describe the work that you do for the Vermont Foodbank.

I do whatever is asked from cleaning, sorting, picking orders, and helping at drop sites passing out food. It just feels so good to know I am helping make a difference for the food bank and in people lives.

What have you learned through your experience here?

I have learned there is a real need in Vermont for the Foodbank and it helps so many people. Also I have learned that we as a country throw out a lot of food and supplies, this is a great use of these resources that have no need ending up in a landfill.

Was there ever anyone in your life who inspired you to give back or volunteer? And how did that have an impact on your life?

It is my Mom; she is 86 and still delivers meals on wheels in RI one day a week. When I asked her why she still did it, her response was “because I can and I want to give back, it is very rewarding.” The way that impacts me the same way it must be in the genes.