The following is Tiffany Mobb’s Community Kitchen Acadamey (CKA) graduation speech. Tiffany is a graduate of the 21st class of CKA, Burlington. 

Good afternoon friends, family, Classmates. Today we are gathered here in celebration of the 21st Community Kitchen Academy Graduation. We all took many different paths to get here but we Tiffany Mobb CKA gradcame with a common goal, to watch me give this speech, just kidding, to better ourselves, to get ahead in life, to pursue our passions, goals, our dreams. So many of us choose our own path out of fear disguised as practicality you can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

Through thick and thin batters, Burnt product and patience, learning new skills and techniques, scrubbing on dishes and mopping the floors, we stuck to our hearts and steadied our hands and we are here today at our graduation. You can believe it ladies, look at us and what we have accomplished in these past 13 weeks. We should all be so proud. I’ve watched us all get along amazingly well together and come together as a team, despite our backgrounds and differences personal struggles we went into that kitchen more confidently day by day, asking each other, guiding and inspiring each other. Thanks to the unwavering guidance and patience of both CHEF BRIAN and CHEF MEGAN. Who got us through these past weeks with a light heart, answering every question we had or had asked at least once or twice before.

In this past week upon my nomination for this speech, I’d researched watched videos of others speeches graduation and commencements; and been a little unnerved because I have never given a speech of this magnitude before and what I learned is that; some people talk way too much, and this needs to be personal.

I can be personal, emotional, outspoken at times obnoxious but always trying to make bright another’s day. I like going for that extra smile; there’s a point to this I promise I’m not just up here trying to brag about myself, despite what these folks may have already told you.

I’d like to brag about my class mates, all of us have worked so hard and I’m going to share a little something about each one;

-Jo- Is an amazing BAKER her attention to detail is perfection, her creativity and passion will take her so far, I’m proud to say we shared this class together, I truly can say I can’t  wait to see where life will take her, I’m going to miss her blondies and sweet treats she’d spoil us with.. and you already know I’m hitting you up for a birthday cake this year. (holla holla)

-Keely- Oh keely what do I say, what should I say. She is so energetic and exuberant and funny. The faces and giggly fun we have had, thanks for dishonoring my cow. I love your quirkiness and admire your sensitivity and passions, I will miss how you always caught CHEF BRIAN off his game with your trickiness and your slick quips in the morning.

-Ruba- Since day one has taken the class very seriously, she has made some of the best cheesy risotto I’ve ever had, as well as some killer ice-cream sandwiches, and scrumptious muffins, her focus and determination can be seen from a mile away but it’s her feistiness and willingness to be ahead of the heard I will miss the most. Miss quiet independence with a fierce drive to get