Meet Lisa

Photo of Lisa on porch with flowers.

Lisa is a veteran living in Rutland who recently had a stroke. She couldn’t work while rehabilitating and was struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to your generous support, she could turn to the Vermont Foodbank for help.

When Lisa, a 52-year-old veteran living in Rutland, Vermont, had a stroke, she had to stop working while she focused on rehabilitation. Without a job, Lisa struggled to afford her basic needs, like a roof over her head and food on the table.

“I had looked into resources in this area just in case I became homeless.”

When a VA worker referred Lisa to the Vermont Foodbank, everything changed. Thanks to supporters like you, the Foodbank was there to help Lisa get signed up for 3SquaresVT, a program that provides her with money each month to purchase the food she needs.

“It was a helpful bridge to keep me going and now I just went back to work part-time. I don’t have a vehicle and can’t drive right now due to the stroke. I am still developing my peripheral vision so it’s hard for me to walk to a food shelf and carry back everything I need for a month. With the [3SquaresVT] card I can just get a few items when I need them at a grocery store and carry them home.”

Thanks to the Vermont Foodbank community, Lisa had a place to turn during a challenging time in her life. With your help, she can keep food on the table while she continues to recover from her stroke.

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