Become A Network Partner

Would you like to become a network partner and join Vermont Foodbank and over 200 food shelves, meal sites, and organizations around the state working to help provide nourishing food to families facing hunger? We’d love to hear from you! Please read through the information below and connect with us.

Photo of a volunteer at Feeding Chittenden stocking food items. Become a network partner today and help provide food to families facing hunger in Vermont.
Photo of a volunteer at Feeding Chittenden stocking food items. Become a network partner today and help provide food to families facing hunger in Vermont.

Would You Like to Become a Network Partner?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participating partner of the Vermont Foodbank Network. Vermont Foodbank regularly receives requests for network partnership. The Foodbank accepts applications for network partnership on a rolling basis, though applications are processed quarterly. We prioritize new partnerships with programs that are working in an area where there are few food access points while ensuring dignified, equitable and sustainable distribution practices. Whenever possible, the Foodbank encourages and prioritizes collaboration with established programs to enhance services already available in the community, rather than duplicate them. There are specific requirements to be considered for partnership with the Vermont Foodbank. See the chart below for more eligibility information.

Registered Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) or Sponsored by One Majority of Guests Served Fall Under Description of "Needy, Ill, Infants" Open For at Least 3 Months Prior to Application Able & Willing to Access and Submit Information Via the Internet Presence of On-Site Refrigeration or Appropriate Temperature Control Equipment for Storage of Perishable Foods At Least One Key Staff Member or Volunteer With Current Training in Approved Food Safety Course Utilize System for Tracking the Number of Individuals & Households served Open to the Public Board of Directors or Advisory Group Supporting Site Unique Distribution Days/Times in Relation to Other Food Relief Agencies in the Area Convenient, Accessible Distribution Times & Open Hours Fundraising Plan/Annual budget for Food & Operational Expenses
Required Required Required Required Required Required Required Prioritized Prioritized Prioritized Prioritized Prioritized

To order and receive food from the Vermont Foodbank, an agency must be a participating network partner (NP). Food distributed by the Foodbank is intended for people in need, and the Vermont Foodbank focuses on partnerships with organizations that provide regular and long-term service to the community. Network partners of the Vermont Foodbank have access to distinct benefits that allow for improved service provision to the community:

  • NPs can order from a national network of donated food, as available, at no cost for distribution.
  • When donated foods do not cover the needs of NP sites, partners can purchase foods from the COOP buying program.
  • NPs can order free produce through the Foodbank.
  • For Fiscal Year 2023 (October 1, 2022 – September 30,, 2023), all delivery fees are $0 for NPs.
  • NPs can also take advantage of the Fresh Rescue, VT Fresh, 3SquaresVT, and Grant Funding opportunities available through the Foodbank.

Complete the Partnership Eligibility Screening Form by clicking the link below. Submissions are reviewed on a quarterly basis and will be followed by an invitation to submit a Network Partnership Application or explanation for why network partnership with the Vermont Foodbank is not a match at this time. Please note that the Partnership Eligibility Screening Form and following response from the Vermont Foodbank do not constitute an application or acceptance of partnership.