Food Industry Donations

As a food producer or retailer, you’re in a great position to help neighbors facing hunger in Vermont.

Donations of surplus food, discontinued products, products approaching expiration dates, and imperfect or underweight packaged items can provide nourishment for neighbors across the state, through the Foodbank.

Photo of a Star Market/Shaws truck making a delivery to the Vermont Foodbank.
Photo of a Star Market/Shaws truck making a delivery to the Vermont Foodbank.

How Does a Large Food Donation Work?

Vermont Foodbank is equipped to accept food donations of dry, refrigerated, and frozen products. When these items go unsold, they often wind up in a landfill, costing your business money that could best be used elsewhere. Your food donation is also covered by national Good Samaritan laws, so donating to the Foodbank is a safe way for your business to give back to the community. You may also qualify for tax benefits by giving to a charitable organization such as the Foodbank; we encourage you to contact your tax or legal professional regarding the benefits of food donation for hunger relief.

If you represent a business or organization and are interested in donating food to the Vermont Foodbank, please contact Alison Friedkin (or 802-477-4107).

Donate Using MealConnect

You can also donate using MealConnect, a Feeding America program that makes it easy to donate your products.

MealConnect is a free and safe way for donors to reduce waste and connect surplus food to people who need it in their communities. Donors can easily access MealConnect via a desktop or mobile site, or download the MealConnect app.

Post a photo of your food donation along with some basic information onto the platform, including preferred pick-up time. Your post will automatically match and notify a food shelf or meal site. Your local food shelf or site will schedule a pick-up time and provide a volunteer to receive your food donation.

For questions about using MealConnect to make your food donation, contact Joshua Ellison (or 802-683-2134).