Generosity Makes for a Better Holiday

A family enjoyed a festive holiday meal, thanks to donors like you.

Brittany and Clint’s budget doesn’t cover special holiday meals. As parents, it feels bad when they can’t provide their kids with the festive food that other families seem to take for granted. Thanks to donors like you, their family was able to celebrate with a turkey—and all the trimmings—this year.

This past year, as the holidays began to roll around, Brittany wasn’t sure her family would be able to celebrate in a traditional way. Brittany and her husband Clint both work, and they still struggle to make ends meet. They stretch every dollar to make sure their two boys have enough to eat—even if that sometimes means going without heat and special holiday meals.

Holiday meals are expensive,” Brittany says, “and they’re not in our budget. I knew we would eat on those days, but I was planning on serving grilled cheese sandwiches or spaghetti. I’ve never been able to buy a turkey.

But because of generous supporters like you, there was more than grilled cheese on Brittany’s table this holiday season.

“For Christmas and Thanksgiving this year, we got to eat meat, and it was such a luxury!” Brittany exclaims. “We also got cranberries, potatoes, pumpkin pie…My son was so excited and kept saying, ‘I love turkey!’ There was something so magical about being able to sit at the dinner table with my family and enjoy that holiday meal.

By keeping food shelves and meal sites stocked with fresh foods and pantry staples, you help make sure that families and neighbors across Vermont have the food they need, when they need it—and that everyone can celebrate with a delicious meal.

“I’m grateful,” says Brittany. “It’s been such a huge blessing.”

You can help make sure that fresh foods like meat, fruits, and veggies remain available at food shelves and meal sites around Vermont. Visit to make a gift today.

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