Neighbors Helping Neighbors This Holiday Season

Homeless and working odd jobs, Tom was expecting to spend this Thanksgiving without a solid meal. Thanks to the care and support of friends like Mary, and you, he’ll be able to celebrate with a full plate.

About seven years ago, Tom was going door-to-door, asking if people needed their lawn cut. He was struggling to make ends meet and so far, he wasn’t having much luck cutting lawns. But when he knocked on Mary’s door, his luck started to change and a new friendship was born.

“Mary is an absolute saint,” Tom says.

And while Mary wouldn’t call herself a saint, she gives back whenever she can. “I was thinking about being a nun when I was younger,” Mary admits. “I just want to help people through tough times.

Since they met seven years ago, Tom has run into tough times. He’s been homeless lately and while he’s been taking odd jobs, finding food is difficult. But Mary has been there for him.

“I’ve opened my house up to him…” Mary says. “Sometimes people just need a little help.”

This holiday season, Mary made sure Tom had a nourishing Thanksgiving meal. But she couldn’t do it alone. Now living on a fixed income, Mary can’t afford a turkey. So she visited a food distribution. In addition to a turkey, she was able to get stuffing, gravy, and other holiday sides.

“I want people to have the food they need during the holidays,” Mary says. “I just need a little help getting them there. I’m thankful for it.”

And so is Tom, who said if it weren’t for Mary and the turkey, he would be spending Thanksgiving without a solid meal.

“Turkey to me means eating good this holiday,” Tom says. “It’s hearty soul food. It’s turkey stew, it’s warmth.”

Support neighbors during this difficult time, if you can. Give help.

Are you in need of help? We’re here. Get help.

Help get food to neighbors who need it. Volunteer.

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