Last night, Thursday, January 16, 2015, was the Governor’s Budget Address. Click here to listen to or read the budget address on VPR.

As the largest hunger relief organization in the state, the Vermont Foodbank helps ease the struggles of 153,000 Vermonter. Last year the Foodbank enabled 7.5 million meals for children, their parents and seniors who struggle to afford enough food through a network of 270 food shelves, meal sites, shelters, senior centers and youth programs. That need continues.

Budgeting is always a balancing act.  As the legislative session progresses I urge Governor Shumlin and our legislators to hear from the Vermont Foodbank, and our partners in the private non-profit community, and to pass a budget ensuring that our often marginalized low-income neighbors are well fed, housed, healthy and educated.  We need every Vermonter ready and able to find their place in the prosperous Vermont we’re building together for all its citizens.

John Sayles

Vermont Foodbank CEO

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